August 15, 2009

Of Frusciante-sama and His Plaid Shirt

I'm crazy about plaid shirts. It's definitely the best invention after high heels. I've been wearing them since junior high, and, oh... Imagine the look in my face when I found these golden pieces of John Frusciante in a plaid shirt.

He's just amazing. I was such a huge fan of him when I was in junior high (and still got the traces of it today).

Honestly, even though Red Hot Chili Peppers produced some of the best songs in history, and his solo works were also really amazing, my reasons to fancy him were very... girly.

I do think he's cute. Really. In his own unique, grungy way.

He was like, so... charismatic. Love the way he sits lazily on many of RHCP's interviews. Love it when he tied his long hair. Love how his eyes gaze under those messy strands of hair. Love the fact that he loves detective stories n math puzzles. Love the way he lifted up his hands and practiced those Yoga moves when playing guitar. Love it when he sings Bee Gees' cover. Love the way he hug and kiss that little boy. Love the way he wears his plaid shirt. And oh, those green trench coat. He looks amazing in green.

I also managed to check out his blog and found that, after all these years, his views in life had became very positive. Especially on the points of "trying and giving up", and that little poetry that he wrote. It's also relieving to found out about his stance on drug abuse and his interests in raw food, spiritualism, and his abstinence from sex.

I'm very proud to found out how he was such a prodigy when he was young (mastering Jimi Hendrix's songs when one was 11? Crazy!), and how he was so serious in music that his parents would willingly supported him to drop out of school to pursue a musical career. How Flea claimed him as a self-disciplined person. Smart talented guys who knows what he wants is hot! Smokin' hot!

Most of all, I love him when he sits comfortably in his Hollywood Hills home and enjoys his music.

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