August 17, 2009

The Devil

Every office needs a good dose of biatch. The one who deserves the title as our own Devil in Prada.

I met mine on the second day of my internship. Boss was out for a meeting, and there were cardboard cups of Starbucks on her desk. So I was left alone behind my computer, busying myself with reporting how many viewers asked for Mario Teguh's personal cellphone number (no you can't have it!).

Suddenly the biatch came in. She was with a pal, a fat guy with clean, cruel look, and they were talking abt what seemed to be ummm 'something political'. Then, without a warning, she sat on my boss' desk, n started to sniff the coffee n devour on caffeine heaven.

What should I do now?

If the coffee was meant to be hers, then there's no problem. But what if it didn't? Would letting a fellow co-worker finishing my boss' coffee be bad for my internship report?

It took me so long to think that she ended up walking out of the room (with or without the coffee? I can't recall), n I was left totally dumbstrucked.

The next day, I was sent to drop a memo for the manager of P department (P stands for anything in a TV station. So I'm not going to step on a toe here),n was reminded that it should be given to the secretary, not to the said person.

I realized right away that I made a HUGE mistake when I accidentaly walked into the manager's room, instead of the staffs'. And found that coffee-stealing biatch sitting there, glued to her computer.

I waited for her to turned her head into my direction, but I know right away that I've let my IQ dropped a few points by doing it.

"Umm... Excuse me, Ma'am..."

"What!?" (She still glued to her computer screen)

"I-i want to deliver a letter..."

"Just gave it to my secretary!"

Again, without looking away from the screen. I tried to escape when I can, while couldn't help noticing that she had a Modern Chinese Dictionary on her desk, had a colorful, artsy painting on her wall (which was different than others'), and had a room that felt very... Singapore. Very nerdy, otaku-like, with a tinge of quirkiness.

I found myself trying to walk faster everytime the biatch showed up in the corridor (funny, I also realized that my supervisor wasn't so happy to see her in the studio one time. Wonder why). Yet, at the same time, I also began to think that I like the way she dress.

This could be bad. Cuz me liking the way a person dresses means somehow, I began to like that person.

Until finally, at Big Boss' birthday bash, I noticed that the biatch (who was shaking hands with him with a very fake smile) had streaks of pink strands on her long hair.

I gasped. That exactly how I painted my hair back then in junior high! Besides, its also... Oh, that's how Satsuki looks like. My Satsuki!

It finally dawned on me how very obvious the similarities are. The long black hair with pink streaks, the glasses, the 'to hell with it' attitude. The Singaporean/Japanese feel on her, with her colorful quirky sense of art.

She was just like my Satsuki.

And I'm left totally confused about whether I should hate her or love her for it.

Today, I'm still clueless wheter the coffee was hers or not. But sometimes I wish I could see her, the biatch, once again. Now that I don't have to deliver memos to her department anymore, she felt kinda interesting.

PS. Satsuki is a fictious character that I created in high school. I'll introduce you to her some other time

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astaridamia said...

Well, as the maxim goes, you hate the people you love the most. -astari