January 3, 2010

a tough competition


Just checked out some other girls New Year's Eve pics and was proud and relieved to found that I have indeed a way sexier and better body than theirs.


a tough competition

brown singlet top

If only people found out what I have done with my mom's brown singlet top, they will surely dropped their jaw to the floor and eventually throw my body with stones.

I am simply a liberated women with the face of an eternal teenager and the attitude of a brainiac, and I do not think anyone would ever suspecting of being there.

I don't think I am a sinner. I am just liberating what is inside me, and if the world has a problem with it, then it is theirs to keep.

Meanwhile, I enjoy the situations of our relationship today.

November 29, 2009

a thank you list

I feel most grateful for...

The chances to learn, to understand, and to know things, evem better than some of my peers at times

The opportunity to meet some of greatest personality ever, like Tiza or Herwi, and being able to learn something from them

To be happy in my own skin

To have a six-year-old cat (it's rare!)

To be sexy (ask Bing-chan :p). And not afraid of being sexually outspoken.

To looked great in my recent pics

To have lotsa great fun with my friends. A colorful social life has never been my best traits, but it's been great in the last couple of months.

To live a hard-knock life

To be born as their daughter. No matter how hard it is. Love you, mom and dad.

To be trilingual

To have been a debater (but some says once a debater will always be a debater)

To be technologically and fashionably advance

To be brave, outspoken, and creative

To be blessed with the ability to write

To be analitical and logical beyond my peers

To adore 90s music

To get discount and access :D

To be able to get into top schools like Labschool High and UI

To score an internship in Metro TV

To be relatively independent

To be healthy

To be pretty

To be an Indonesian (a status which can save your life at certain amount of times. Believe me)

To be present and alive

November 24, 2009


Is she doing it again?

I have decided that I don't know, and don't wanna know. I am not going to be fuzzy with it, as long as she can keep it away from me. For I am done with her love life. Period.

I do wonder, though. Why does it so hard for her to deal with her loneliness herself? I mean, seriously, I don't get it. I don't have any trouble being alone and partner-less. But then again maybe that is my autistic side doing the talking, and it just doesn't work for people like her.

Someone once asked me whether I still need to have a father figure in my life or not. My answer was no. Though I could imagine my subconscious banging the trapdoor to my awaking mind, yelling rebuttals at my statement, I still firmly believe that I don't need it anymore.

The reason is pretty simple. When you lost something in your life, you're going to spend your life struggling to find it. You're going to search frantically for it, and once you found it, you're going to hang on to it pathetically, and got weakened by this certain object as time goes by.

And the bad guys could possibly use it to their advantage. I don't need to explain any further, but she is a clear example on how you shouldn't show anyone that you got this hole in your soul, unless you want them to use it as a bait.

Therefore, thou shall not show the world that you got a hole in your soul. In fact, it would be even better if you don't have any at all.

That is why I decided to stand proudly and yell, "I don't need a father figure!", for I had to indoctrinate my conscience (at least) to be free of holes and wants. So that nobody will take advantage of me. So that I'm not going to spend my life craving for something I don't have. So that I would be free of being clingy.

And it's just sad to see her being holed up like that