December 14, 2008

Random... Who wants Random?

The dog had just chase another neighbor, stepdad is being asocial as usual, and I'm being left alone in the living room, in front of the computer, being... random. Filling the night w/ thoughts, messy, random ones, though still enjoyable (if not being meaningless at all).

Damn, I was supposed to finish this assignment (assignment? referring to your final exam as an assignment was like comparing Celine Dion's voice to Tukul's) but I had no idea at all. What to write, how to write, how to arrange. This one supposed to be fun. I mean, this is the only moment in my life where I got to direct a Beijing Opera. But still... argh...

Anyway, I just want the world to know that I think I have become a fan of this certain actor... it might be surprising for many of you... but really, I think I began to like this guy. He's kinda cute, and now that I think of it, he's pretty talented. He's actually able to portray different kind of characters, it turned out that. I thought he was a queer at once (when I saw him acting as a pathetic dancing twin brother in High School Musical), but then I watched Adventures of Food Boy and completely changed my mind.

Yes, it's Lucas Grabeel.

Isn't he cute? W/ that Ginji Amano-ish aura on him. Oh, I love weird guys. Those kind who usually end up being number 2 (or 132), and is considered as a geek, or freak. They're hot, cuz they're just so different than your usual handsome guys (I guess Astari's going to slap me when she reads this). And since no one actually praise them for their look, they had more focus on developing the other parts of their personality -their talents, their brain, their social skills.

Anyway, talking about weird guys... I started to dream about my first boyfriend again. Esp. since now I had him in my Facebook, and he wrote something on my Wall... I hate being attached to the past. And always said that it's lame to be unable to get over your ex. But when it comes to him... why, I've gotten over him years ago, but his shadows appeared again, and I'm becoming a pathetic person for fantasizing about him?


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