June 3, 2007

Projects Ahead

My upcoming week is going to be fulfilled with some exciting -if not nerve-wracking- projects to be done! Woohoo! it is really exciting for me to have such a full-life, for it gave me things to do and got my mind off unnecessary negative thoughts....and life feels much fuller and better than before, I just cannot believe why anyone would stand sitting at home and do nothing but to watch TV and read books *winks.

So here are the things on my to-do list:

1. History finals

I always consider it as one of the most exciting subjects in my major. though the lecturer was being unclear about what is going to appear on the exams, I was pretty optimistic on doing it. For it was rather different than the other subjects in my major; there are not much thing to memorize by heart, all that matter is that you know and understand the basic substance, make a deep analysis about it, and then make a good explanation about it when you are being asked. I really enjoy these kinds of lessons, where you got to use your analysis and logic most of the time-unfortunately you did not found lot of it in Chinese studies, we got lotsa scribbling to do instead of analysing, and memorizing instead of thinking T_T well, let's just consider it as the bad side of the major.

And this time we will be talking about the changes that happened in China as the Westerners began to enter the country, and on how the system started to change -for a clearer image, just watch the Last Emperor or the Manchurian Candidate. I think what happened during that period is one of the most crucial point in the history of China, and it is the one that changed the face of te country forever, and affecting the current condition and development of China.......and I already a good textbook to help me to study. Sometimes that is all I need to survive an exam; a textbook you can rely on.

2. Intro2Lit Finals

Another finals yet this one was rather different. it is inform of a DRAMA. Noooooooo. I hate having to perform on stage and do some acting. Nooooo. I would rather do some speech or debate. Just don't ask me to act!! I m going to be unable to stop laughing!!!!

So the drama is going to be Sampek Engtay, a Malayan-Chinese classic. And i am going to be Jinsim, Engtay's servant. At first I chose the role because I thought the character had very little to say, but then as I read again, this character was a rather angry one and almost all of her (or his? I am still not clear about the gender of this person!!) words are sarcastic and angry!!!! oh well.......
A nd we are still unclear about the costume issues......is it going to be a classic one or a modern version one?? either way, I am still clueless about what to wear......

Anyway, it is kinda interesting though......to try something new like this.

3. Austral-prep stuffs
I had promised Astari that I am going to help her with those assignments given by Mel for Australs training. I still have not done even one of it though :P hehehehhe but I am going to work on it. 'Cuz I need it as well, even if I only go as an adjudicator.

Well, for such a frantic week, it is going to be fun for sure.......and the happiest news for me is that I have got some reply from my Puppy, and everything is already settled down. It relieves me that he did not forget me and would give a explanation on his condition. And it just made me understand him more and feel close to him........

Oh well, have a nice week to myself

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