June 12, 2007

The Many Forms of Anisa Menur

On France I would be Jacqueline Aurell (my fave!)
On ancient Britain I would be Dorothy Raudelle
On Japan I would be Reiko Hayashi
On Ireland I would be Eimear O'Reilly (like it a lot!)
On Italy I would be Annata Ricci (don't really like it)
On Mexico I would be Dona Leahonia
On Germany I would be Innes Corinna (love the Innes)
On Russia I would be Yelizaveta Duscha Ivanov (kewl!)
On Star Wars I would be Anitus Mauson
My unisex name would be Dee Jaime (kewl!)
If I were a hippie I would be Bittersweet (kewl!)
If i were an exotic dancer I would be Virgo (just the way i want it)
If i was born in the 50s I would be Frances Virginia
My boobie name is Breastasaurus (gross!)
On Hawaii I would be Lani Kalea (like it a lot! sounds like a pretty girl)
If i were a monster I would be Basilisk Troll
If i were a superhero I would be The War Avenger
On Scandinavia I would be Swann Brenda (kewl! like it a lot!)
On Brazil i would be Luciana Fontana (it's very telenovela)
As an Elf I would be Buddy Cartwheel (sounds like a beer)

geez, it is very clear that I have a plenty of spare time. Considering the number of quizzes I have taken :D

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