June 16, 2007

French Fries mood

I once read in a magazine. it is said that when you suddenly crave for some French fries for snack, it means that you feel this need within yourself to do something for your life. Something good, something that would bring some meanings to a previously dull life.

Right now I am in that kind of mood. From this fundamental needs to be more spiritual (it has been long since last time I talked to Him,there are even some points where i consider myself as an agnostic. That might be true to some extend,but I still think that I am a Believer. And still feels so),this socio-psychological need to be closer to friends and families (is there any terms like that?'socio-psychological needs'?) to this ambitious, go-getter needs to do more applicable and meaningful things in life.

luckily, there are some things that i can possibly do.

I began to learn to pray again. I admit that for a while I was lost. I lost my interests on my faith for there are too many bad things happen on them.....they use it to justify hatred,they use it to justify mysoginist actions. They are hiding behind their long white veil and long goatee and lives as if they are the angels themselves, but curses others as hard as the devil would.
But then as I think again, if I really believe that having a faith and doing its manifestations are one's ultimate personal rights, then why bother about others?? Why does those misinterpreting folks should bother my business with God? as long as I truly believe in what i believe in, I do not think it supposed to be an issue. Beside, there is this thirst of being close to your Creator. No matter how illogical it is. The heart just knows.

as for the other issues, there are many paths that I can go through. I will explain them in my next postings. One thing for sure is that, I know what I supposed to do. Now it is just up to me to make it work.....

Duh. I think I am going to catch some cold.

Was that Astayi sending me an SMS??

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