June 2, 2007

being a pig

I do not really enjoy imagining the way I look on long weekend like this.

I became a total pig. Totally gross and lazy. While deep in my mind, I worrily think about my Puppy, about why he never contacted anymore, and how he seemed to be really sad in his blog. And how i really wanted to help and do something about it, and be a nice, caring super ex-girlfriend who always had a shoulder for him to cry on (duh. Not literally). And deep down in my agenda, I have to read at least two chapters from Contemporary Chinese history for next week's finals, and started to memorize some lines for THAT drama -that's right, I am going to become Jinsim from Sampek Engtay for my Intro2Lit finals T-T. And physically, I am just the grossest thing you have ever seen since KRL Jakarta-Bogor; it is 14:36 and I have not taken a bath.

Feel my breath!!!!! hahahhahahahhahahaa

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