May 13, 2007

Burning Out of It

Sitting with crossed legs in the study, facing the computer, with the latest maliq&d'essentials' album. It was a quiet Sunday night and my mental condition was pretty dull and bored, until the news hit me........

About what EDS UI had gotten so far in AUDC.

On how the team only need at 1 more winning point to be able to break thru the prelimination round. How Astari, my partner in crime, my debating sister in Musketeers, had just got a super-precious learning experience that I have not experience yet. How Hilmi had moved from a crap debater to a good, international-level one -a bout the 'crap' thingy, it was mentioned by someone else who saw debae before ALSA. How Freida -this is the scariest- managed to become a Top 5 adjudicator and even had trainees under her wings!!!!! and on how, him, he was there too with them and witness and experience the whole thing.................

I can only feel that something is burning inside me.

After chanting a little prayer to wish good luck, suddenly all of these feelings came into me. First, there was some slight jealousy. You know..... how your friends, those who had started everything altogether with you, suddenly now are ahead of you. And you just left behind, sitting quietly in your house, with no development at all in your debating skills, just going round and roound in that level..........

Then another fire sparked. I can sense this rushing feeling inside my heart, and on how my head had gave an order to every single cell in my body -GO!

It was it. It was the golden key named Spirit and Motivation.

You have to move! Don't be left behind! You can do it!

They came exactly at the moment where my laziness and dullness are at their highest point. Shame, shame. How laziness and lack of motivation could actually drown you, makes you unable to move, and in the end, makes you dull and lose the sharpness of your senses. And possibly threatens your IQ. And makes you left behind from your friends.

Shame on you, Menur, for letting it all went thru your head. And congratulations, finally you have got into your mind, managed the whole thing, and kick the devil outta yourself.

And when your final tests over, focus yourself to strengthens for the sake of Australs. And more importantly, PIMNAS.

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