May 11, 2007

Studying Chinese really turned me upside down

I just realized that some things changed since I went to college and took a major in Chinese studies. And one of the most distinct was my fondness of Japan -at some point it has created some troubles of its own, and here, at this point, something had happened to it.

I think my fondness of Japan has began to alter a bit.

I mean, there is this feeling of boredom. The feeling like, "Yeah, been there, done that". The feeling like, even though you know and you feel that something is really great, that something just does not move you that much anymore.

I began to take notice when I started to get lazy to attend any Bunkasai -except for JI Matsuri maybe, they are still the best. When someone told me about a Bunkasai in some places, I would be like,"Oh? really? Yeah". And in my mind I was like,"Another one?". And that question was rather surprising even for myself, which is, wow, something that used to attract me so much now does not attract me as much as it used to! what happened?

I think one of the main reason is that J-stuff has began to become something common. I mean, it seems like every junior high school kids that I met is taking Japanese lessons now. It was a really different situation; when I first started becoming a fan when I was in elementary school, it seems like I was the only person I know who wrote fanfics -at least I thought so, that was until I discover :P
Take an example of what happened today. Our little neighbour in the East Asian Studies department, the Nihon Gakka, they are making this very big yearly event called Gelar Jepang, and I can mention their list of programs without actually seeing the posters or leaflet (Hm. let's see. Origami, goh, and shoudou workshop. Wearing yukata. Chanoyu. Cosplay. Music. Bazaar, selling anime merchandising and some original copies of manga. Photo exhibition with adorable pics of Nishin Honganji in it.Bon odori. Doujinshi competition). And what enables me to do so? because those are the content of EVERY bunkasai! and every month there are at least one bunkasai, that it has become such a routine and there's nothing new to learn anymore..........

It's not that it's bad. It's just has become common. I began to get bored.

On the contrary, something about China has grown inside me. I began to feel comfortable listening to the way they speak, I never missed any show in Nat'l Geographic regarding China, and yesterday I had this shiny little talk with Nurni laoshi about Shanghai Baby. I mean, the more I spend time in my classes, the more questions I had in mind about China, and it just made me eager to know more (yue zai jiaoshi zuo yue you hen duo wenti ^^dui ma?).

My ability to speak the language is also decreasing a little bit. But this one was rather crucial though, and I think it is actually necessary to save it before it's too late. And it was justifiable as I do not have the time and moment to actually practice it.........but I remember how it used to create a prob in my first semester, haha........

So, it's not that I do not like Japan anymore. I still reckoned that sashimi is the best thing I have ever eat, Hijikata Toshizo is the greatest hero ever, Kyoto is a piece of heaven that is moved to earth, and that Musashi is one of the best lit works ever (and Samurai Deeper Kyo is the best manga ever, huhu). It's just has become too common.

besides, in the first place, why did I decided to major in Chinese instead of Japanese? ^^

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