March 18, 2007

zai Glodok mai dongxi*

It was a title in a magazine that I read once, an article about how nice the Chinatown is to visit, and maybe to buy things or two. A full guidance on how you can get there, and what you can do while you are there. Very nice and rather complete.

And I finally made a manifestation of it today.

Lunch at a restaurant named Ayam Panggang Medan in Pangsia. Delicious! I recommend you to try Lo Mie Kangkung, it's just unbelieveable! it is kinda strange as the soup tasted like something I have eaten in Taiwan a year ago... bringing back old memories. And I believe it was a good sign, which means that whoever made this dish, he/she still stick to the original recipee. Yum. The ayam panggang was also good, but the sauce was too hot -zhen re!

And off course shopping. But unfortunately it was not conducted in the area itself. It was in Mangga Dua. I bought a piece of T-shirt with a Starbucks Coffee logo on it, and Get Backers DVD -50 episodes in 2 discs!! divine!

Honestly my brief visit was not really satisfying, considering the fact that I only get to eat and one place then leave (too bad!). But I remember the Taifu promised to take me there, to have a look around, and get that certain mood that he believed could build up my mood for my studies (great, more Hanzi). Maybe another visit would be worth it.

Yet I rejoice the rain that showers the city today.....

I thought I was in Ura Shinjuku or something

*in case you don't speak Mandarin, it's "shopping in Glodok"

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