March 22, 2007

A Quick Preview: wonderbra's Crossing the Railroad

It is kinda hard for me to write this preview as I had to struggle with this feeling of i-know-this-person-she-is-my-friend-so-she-is-great. But I will try my best to make this preview as honest, and as objective as I could.

So this is an indie debut album of wonderbra, a band consisted of Asep Gelo (bass), Edy Sembodo (drums), Kuyut, Nosa (guitars), and Thera (vocals) -this is where the prob started as she was my senior in Labschool High and School of Humanities, and a familliar face in Labs' Debating Corps. They are basically a rock band, and any of you who went to School of Humanities, i bet you are already familliar with them.

So the music that they are bringing is........ROCK. Total rock! it has been long since the last time i heard something like this -I mean, our music industry is so crammed with these soppy rock-wannabe pop band with handsome singer (except for Ian Kasela, he's handsome for a fly with that sunglasses) who sometimes sings a religious song or two, thinking that religion is a good way to sell, bah!

I mean, the kind of rock that they are bringing has a kind of 'vintage' feeling in my ear. If you want a parrarell example, think of The Doors and any other band in that era. The style of rock is pure, without any mixture from other genre, which often led to the losing of this whole feeling of rock itself. And it definitely made me dance, and for those who are not into hard music, it is still listenable, I think. So no need to freak out.

And the coolest thing of all is the voice of the leading lady (hidup alumni Labschool! Yeah! hidup coach LDC! Huhu!). it is just AMAZING!!! at first she might sound like a man, but as you listen to it more, it sounds really unique; deep, really misterious... but in the other hand it also "screams". And is technically proper, I think.

The only thing that I have to warn you about is the content of the lyrics. They are dark and potentially depressing, so I recommend you not to take it by heart -could affect your mood, or even your whole point of view of life. And definitely not to listen to when you are stressed out. And I do not think that was Thera's best work of literary -sorry sis'- since I often visit her blog and read her magnificent lit works.

In the end, I think this album is definitely worth it. I mean, with its great musical content and the spirit behind it -this is an indie, DIY music so there is less commercial intention to it, and imagine the effort they have to made to promote it- this album is an investation (especially if you buy iy directly from the band's member, much cheaper! ^^b). I gave 4 out of 5 stars.

Congrats for wonderbra on their debut album, and now let's sing together

Dig it deeper!

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