March 24, 2007

My Saturday Night

Sitting calmly in front of the laptop, singing mindlessly to Hamasaki Ayumi's M, surfing the Net for fun things to see to.

Oh, great! Some happy news from the mailbox. He, my cute little Puppy which is now far away in Down Under, had finally replied my email. Phew. After a very long waiting, and those nasty suspicion of mine. I replied it happily, feeling this sort of happy, fly away feeling.
Sometimes even I wondered what is actually the relationship between us. We are definitely not a couple, but we are close. And indeed something had happened between us -whatever it is, let it be that only me, him and God who knows it. And my mother, cuz I cannot have secrets from her. But for me, I prefer to stay best friends for this moment. I mean, even if we made a commitment now, it would be impossible to I am not into LDR anymore, they are just so painful and tiring. And I already into this other guy, and perhaps he is also into someone, heard some gossip or two......... So a "comeback" is just not happening at this certain moment.

Yet fun things does not always I realized that studying is on my list of To-Do things for tomorrow. Considering that my mid-term tests are next week, with English as an opening, Xie for the next day (great, around 420 Hanzi characters to memorize!!),then Shuo (pretty fun, we just have to make a Biao Yan, and I feel more confident about my speaking), then Ting and Du (pretty worrying, requires lotsa bending). Then closed with Chinese Phonetics and Phonology (gotta work hard on this! I want an at least B-!!!). Things are still unclear with History and Introduction to Literary.....yeah, Menur, go! fight for a better IP!!!

Geez, this song from wonderbra is really creepy.......

Anyway, what is the book that I'm reading now? It is very shameful to admit, but the truth is, I still have tons of book that I have not read, even though I have bought them. And they just sit patiently on my desk, waiting to be opened -sometimes I managed to pay attention to them and read a page or two, but it just does not happen that often. Like right now I have Dr. Gadis Arivia's piece of work, Feminisme: Sebuah Kata Hati, sitting beside me. It is definitely a magnificent thing to read, and I have been waiting for so long to have it -even Wijay had already made a reservation to read it after I finished it. But it seems like it would not happen anytime soon, hiks.

Ah, this is my favorite love song...Secret Sorrow by Koizumi's damn romantic! I used to think of my beloved Sakurazuka Seishirou everytime I heard this song (and an apartment in Tokyo. And a rainy saturay night. Hm! hen re!) , but now, I think I began to need more then an anime character to manifest this whole romantic feeling.........

I began to think of him..........

I had some certain fantasy on how I might see him one day in the future. Where in that moment I already become an international journalist, working in Reuters and travel to places. And he already become that successfull financial analist he really wanted to be, working in MNC, got a great career. And tons of money, hmmmm. And I bet he is even more handsome.
And one day he is having a holiday in Barbados -those hectic days of his career can be really tiring. And in a fine morning he would be having a stroll by the beach, watching the waves, listening to the sound of birds, feeling the morning sun. He would wear casual clothes and put his hands inside his pockes, as usual. And there we met, and chat, about our college days....... and it ended up with the most romantic night of my life.......

Hohohohohohohoh. Dreams

I dunno know why, but it really fits the song I am currently listening to.

Mimpi, by Anggun.


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Droo said...

Nur, Nur, knapa sih sekarang jaman banget nulis blog pake Inggris.. Semuanya juga oke-oke banget lagi Inggrisnya. Huuuuh. Kemampuan Inggris gue udah menurun drastis nih. --;