November 15, 2009


Was I being over-exaggerating when I thought my sister spends too much time in front of TV?

She woke with Disney Channel in front of her, spend time with Nickelodeon after school, watch re-runs of Disney Channel shows on youtube, another Disney Channel after dinner, and finally, as the cherry on top, another Disney as she goes to bed.

Homeworks are far and few between.

Yet the look in my mom's face was very understanding everytime she pulled out a cute baby face whenever anyone tried to warn her to stop watching TV.

Such is the curse of the youngest child.

I think I pulled my question back.

I always know that I am fated to be the strictest person in our house when it comes to my youngest sister. And I'm not afraid of being misunderstood, being hated, or even being considered over-exaggerating.

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