November 24, 2009


It's always been really dry in here, amidst the rain. I like it.

I would walked in slowly, trying to catch a glimpse of the store's owner, for I would not sit in somebody else's store and not buy a thing without any permission. Then I would found him/her (sometimes it was this fat mid-aged lady who looked like a guy. Sometimes it was this crinkly old man) hidden behind the counter, watching crappy Indosiar show, and pretending not to listen when I asked for permission to sit. Without buying a thing. Fine then.

Then I would think about buying something -a bottle of mouthwash will do, but then again, they don't care so why bother? I have spent on pennies on nothings. So leave it alone.

I would later consider to call Ina to make sure about her birthday party tomorrow, but let's just give her a few more minutes to reply my texts.

Oh well, maybe I should stop my writing at this point, and continue to ponder about my shapes and colors, what state my mind should be, how my mind's condition should be.

Such is for a rainy afternoon.

Wait, was that a blink?

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