September 12, 2009

Job Desc

(Okay, I know that it's been a while since I last posted anything in this blog, let alone anything to do with my Intern days. So sorry. School has started, and reality has stepped in)

So, what are my job descriptions as an intern in the PR&Pub Dep in Metro TV? Eager interns, read carefully ^^

1. Answering calls
My job is called the Audience Service (check out any sunday edition of Media Indonesia, and you'll find a number that directly links you to the AS desk. My desk), and it is my duty to answer complains, questions, requests ("Can I have the number of Mario Teguh's contact person? How can I get into the studio? Did you guys change your schedule? 'cuz Metro Sports supposed to be on already"). Believe me that this is not an easy job, as not everyone in this world is smart. Or even sane.

2. Doing surveys
Whenever someone called, I am obliged to ask for their numbers so that I can call them back and ask for a minute in their life to do, errr, a little survey ("How old are you, Ma'am? Do you watch our programs? What's your favorite? How about the news program?"). It's not really my favorite part, honestly, especially when I had to ask for their salary and age (some are just too happy to share, though!).

3. Making clippings of any Metro or even Surya Paloh's related news

4. Delivering memos and letters

Which led to the Devil incident in previous post.

5. Copying document
Any eager-interns should learn how to operate a copier machine, trust me.

6. Writing letters, esp. regret letters
Kinda fun. Made me feel powerful.

7. Writing press releases
Mine was once released in a sunday edition of Media Indo. Yay!

8. Assisting my supervisor taking visitors for a tour at our facilities
Mostly sweet, naive high school kids with their salty, naive teachers.

9. Tearing up old documents
Errrr yes.

10. Writing reports

Of course.

11. Ushering at their off-air events
The best thing.

12. Contacting other companies for infos
Like their current address and the name of their director, for example.

13. Sending out invitations, internal and external.

So, those were the things that I had to do. Some are totally easy while others requires you to work your ass off. But nothing is really that hard, though. The worst thing about it is that they often came altogether, at the same (please, let me breath!).

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