August 29, 2009

a matter of strength

An ex-boyfriend of mine (the one who lives in paradise island) always insisted on how we should always get back together.

We would start a nice, daily convo which often ended up with him saying things like, "Are you ever going to surrender yourself to me?" or any other mushy things that has nothing to do with our topics.

Which often led me to be pissed-off and ended up being cold on him, and he's going to spend the next months not talking to me, claiming me to be harsh on him, and even telling my mom about it (thank you very much. What a loser, ngadu2 segala!).

To have an ex who still longs for you is sucks enough. Espcially if this person has a habit of talking about you behind your back to your parents. Especially if he could not understand that you don't want to get back to him, period.

What annoys me most is how he keeps on thinking that he was the right one for me (and vice versa) while he cant even handle me.

Yes, he can't handle me. Cuz he found that my way of talking to him (and saying no to him) as 'harsh', and he whines because of it. But he still thinks that he wants to be with me.

Dude, do you want to spend your life whining because of a woman?

You're not strong enough for me. You can't match my strength. You don't know how to live a tough life like I do.

Stop thinking that you're the right one for me, 'cuz you're not.

And please, stop whining. You're not a baby.

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