August 8, 2009

What Do I Got by Interning in That Place?

I considered myself lucky by being able to got an internship at one of the best TV station in my country.

Because I considered it as some kind of an achievement: for months I used to worry about my resume, not being sure whether they are attractive enough for future employers to see. But getting this opportunity really showed me that there are indeed some qualities in me that would get Mrs. Henny to read my resume and be interested in (alhamdulillah. I know I don't say this very often).

Another reason to feel lucky is because I had to chance to get so many new, interesting things:

1. New relations
The ladies I've worked with in the department are really nice. Hoping to keep in touch with them. And, oh, I got to meet the Big Boss himself!

2. Work experience
Obvious enough

3. To be able to discover myself
Now I know what I really like (definitely not spending too much time behind desk) and what I could possibly be good at (never thought that I do have some patience! Really!)

4. Becoming that behind-the-scene person
On July 17th, when the bombs exploded, I was in my office. And got to see all the comings and goings. It felt somewhat enjoyable. Journalism is cool, really. Though only when something happened.

5. Meeting the number 1 man in the country
As speechless as anyone can be (he's like, so white in person. And his voice is so musical)

6. Simply being confident about yourself
In the midst of my roller coaster of confidence, to be able to put myself into good use and get so many good things out of it, is definitely a confidence boost.

I guess this is why many college students are so addicted to internships. They're just so... interesting. They are the only thing who can match the excitement that debating gave me. Really.

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