July 14, 2009

Infotainment Shows (during office hour)

One thing that I dislike about doing an internship in a news broadcasting channel is the fact that I have to continously watch the channel (which consists of 75% news) as part of my job description.

Imagine. Watching news from morning 'til evening, every single working day.

So I guess it's normal for anyone (esp. those as young and energetic as I am *cough) to get really sick of news and starting to demand for something else. But considering my status as an intern, I didn't have the courage to actually ask my co-workers' consent to change it into... er... something fun. Like those overly dramatic reality shows or even those sinful, stupid infotainment shows.

Until one of them actually said, "Let's just turn those news off and watch gossips instead!"

I happily got up from my chair, surf through channels to find any gossip shows, and indulge in guilty pleasures as we watched them excitingly, forgetting all works (it's done, I swear).

Until suddenly all the lights went out with a bang, and the TV said bye-bye in the most uncivilized manner.

Electricity blackouts is the fairest punishment there is for those who laze around during office hour.


Desperate Houseboy said...

Atau mungkin your supervisor ngeliat aksi penggantian channel brutal ini. Hahaha.. :P

Lady Jasmine said...

yes it does happen~~ bayangkan hebohnya.... masalahnya supervisornya ikut ntn tu...