December 22, 2008

The Matilda's Top 10 Greatest Album of All Time

I have always waited for someone (anyone!) to ask me this question, but nobody actually did. Sad. Maybe because nobody trusted my musical taste, or even my knowledge. Pathetic.

So I took the liberty to browse my memory and wrote down ten of the best album I have ever heard in my lifetime.

Anyway, number does not matter. They are all great.

1. KoRn -Issues
Many people curse KoRn for being slightly melodic, but I don't. In fact, I curtseyed and compliment them for it. And don't forget that it was the album that I used to listen in the darkest period of my life. So everything's just fell into the right place.

2. red hot chili peppers -BloodSugarSexMagik
The most powerful album. Something that will make you jump around in ecstasy the minute you turn it on, then sit down and grief for your lonely, city life.

3. Aerosmith -Nine Lives
It's like Mozart for rock. Need to say more?

4. A Perfect Circle -Mer de Noms
It was the only album I have ever bought w/out actually listen to any of the single first. We can say, I was gambling w/ my money when I bought it... but I never regret it. Even now as I wrote this posting, I'm listening to 3 Libras.

5. Nelly Furtado -Whoa Nelly!
I think she should definitely return to her hip-hop/bossas/pop/Portuguese root. A very colorful album that shall take you this beautiful villa somewhere in Greece, watching the Mediteranian morning.

6. Ayumi Hamasaki -memorial address
The piano, the melancholy. The beauty. And suddenly your cheek is wet w/ tears.

7. Mocca -My Diary
It's like reading an old storybook from your childhood.

8. Utada Hikaru -Deep River
Everytime I listened to this album, I could picturize Watanuki in an empty Japanese-style room, slowly opening the sliding door, revealing anything that was about to come.

9. MALIQ n d'essentials -1st
If I had to go to an exchange program again and had to bring gifts for the host-family, I would definitely bring this album. I'm proud that the local music industry got them.





Ok, you got it right. I haven't found number 10 just yet ^^

So, all of you great musicians out there... go make something great to listen to!

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