February 15, 2007

Let me Shower you

I'm so fond of words!!!

I'm majoring in language and culture studies, i wrote poems and stories and essays, i join a debating club. i texted SMS and talk to people -though i don't usually talk much. basically, my world is filled with the usage of words, and i rejoice it!

I do not just rejoice the fun feeling that it gave to me. but in a deeper way, i rejoice the way it works to empower oneself. yes, i consider words are power. they are the thing powerful enough to transfer one's ideas and thoughts into other's, to become the guidance on what a person should or should not do, or even, to kill someone without the help of a gun.

so the purpose of this blog is to mediate you into whatever coming into my mind, my life, and my works in general. i will show you my opinions,daily life,works, or maybe just plain hahahihi to fill your day with.

therefore, enjoy the rain of words falling toward yourself!!!!!! ^^

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