August 24, 2009

of broken homes and shattered glasses

I sympathized Marshanda, Kurt Cobain, and all those with a broken home family as a background.

I know how shitty it feels to have people (from the media to our own parents) talk, while they have not even a single piece of clue of what is going on and most importantly, how you feel.

They can only talk the talk, took some words from the bible and said it as if God himself has said it to them.

And they still able to say the magic words, "are you mad at us?"

They gotta be kidding. Sure we do. And don't blame us for it. We have every reason to justify it, more than you can poke a glowstick at.

It still amazes me how the background could affect us so much, though.


whuVa_LutchuW said...

don't let it beat you.
We can do this!!

whuVa_LutchuW said...

ok. I dont know why I have that creepy google account. Was it me who made that account back then?