March 21, 2008

I Think, Therefore I Got Dizzy

I have been given this interesting yet tiring assignment of writing a paper about any modern philosophers of our choice, and I chose to write about Rene Descartes (1596-1650). Let's just say that he is my favorite philosopher. I really like lots of his ideas, and I found that many are relatively easy to understand and write about. And he is famous, so I bet there are lots of sources on his works that I could find easily. So I did, and by far I did not have any serious difficulties on doing it.

Until I have to write down the part of his mathematical works.

the Cartesian diagram.

And when I checked out Wikipedia to get some clearer info on what's going on, I could only curse myself for forgetting the fact that I was, and still, a ******* when it comes to math.

Hold a sec... Take a deep breath. It is not supposed to so difficult. Try to read it one by one, perhaps ther is still something that I could dig out of my math lessons' graveyard.

Hm. Ok. Fine, I think I still got it.


Anyway, I found this super-cute pic as I was looking for a pic of Descartes.

I became so in awe of Descartes that I actually put a pic of Descartes Lego character on my Friendster account, in that 'Who I want to meet' part ( Just for fun.

I think I am going to be sick of that name by the time the weekend ended. For now, I had to rush to finish this paper in three days.

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