January 18, 2008

fictional and inspirational

I wrote this one back when I was in High School. By the time, even until today, I was so amazed by this character of the manga series Samurai Deeper Kyo, and decided to write something that might captured his essential characteristics that made him special and inspirational. Go check it out.

100% Akira!
Scene 1: Shiseiten no Akira, battling hardly w/ Goyosei no Saisei

Bontenmaru: This is going to be difficult. Yet I'm sure, Akira could handle this. He is a samurai. A great one (smiling confidently)
Kyo: He is
Bontenmaru: You see, he's not a real samurai like you and me. He does not have that blood. He's not a samurai descendant.
Kyo: Yet he's able to catch up w/ that

Scene 2: Akira trapped Saisei in his castle of ice

Yuuya: Then how could he become so strong like this?
Bontenmaru: You see, Yuuya-san, to become a samurai, one needs 99% effort and 1% blood. Talent. One cannot become a samurai w/out both of it. As for Akira, he surely didn't have that 1%, yet he became a samurai. A complete, ideal, real samurai...
Yuuya: (grew more curious)how come, then?
Bontenmaru:(smiling proudly) by fulfilling the remaining 99%...
Yuuya:(amazed) he did??
Bontenmaru: Yes! He is a man of effort, indeed, and that enough to fill the remaining 1%.... especially since his aura and inner strength grew.....he is a self-made man, indeed.......
Yuuya: Akira......

Scene 3: Akira kneeled himself, giving a last respect for defeated Saisei

Bontenmaru: He did it all by effort......endless hard works and struggles......and that made him stronger than he could even ever expected.....he is a samurai......

loves it! by the way, he's the youngest in the pic

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