August 26, 2007

before anyone get mad

Ok, before anyone missunderstood my previous post, I need to clarify a few things.

When I say that "religion can only help you as much as you let it to", what I mean is that "religion can help you indeed, but only if you are willing enough to open your heart and implicate the teachings in you actual life". It would be like, you manifest the teachings in your actual life, instead of focusing on the more ritualistic sides. Yes, rituals are indeed important. But it is kinda useless if you do shalat and go to church, but afterward still call your maid bangsat instead of their names (yes, they are indeed uneducated n did many technical mistake, but what makes him, supposedly a respectable engineer and devoted Christian allowed to do so???).

I know it sounds controversial. But on a more personal level, I believe that it would be better not to have a religion but your attitude represents the ones who had it and implicate it, rather than having it but acts as if not having it.

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