April 9, 2007


You just open your eyes and realize that you are in this such rushing, rainbow-coloured state of mind, and you could do nothing but to be in awe, for the speed of the lights and where the rocket had brought the journey into, it is a manifestation of a surprise long anticipated.

You were a spoiled child, but you are brave, and true to your colours
You were a prodigy, reading things a little kid do not usually read, but you were just shy. And very introvert indeed.
You were a depressed pre-teen, some of your teenage days seems to be drowning in the mud, yet you are optimistic, and sticks to your believe in life, love, and God's will
You were a bird with open wings, ready to fly high though you have hit the walls so often

And now here you are, standing on the beginning of a dream; the brim of a fantasy land

And you could not be more grateful........ for every tears you have shed, every laughter you have blurted out, every love you have received, and return back though not so often, every heartbeats you have felt, every pain your nerves had felt, every single fears, every single smile, every single savior..........

Every single seconds you have got ever since the day you popped out to the world, due to those firecrackers in that Batavian wedding in 1988.

Take a deep breath, chant your prayers. In less than three-hours you would be nineteen years old.

Happy birthday! ^^y

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